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Review: Kinect Sports

The Review Crew
  • Summary: I’m kinda surprised that this wasn’t the pack-in game for the Kinect. Both the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move introduced gamers to their new motion controllers with a sports game, so I could understand if Microsoft chose Kinect Adventures as their pack-in game just to be contrary.
  • Pros: Another sports game?, Why isn’t there a curling game yet?, Wii-quality graphics, A great selection of music to keep you in the sporty mood, Most movements in the game are true(ish) to life, Easy to jump in/jump out
  • Cons: Another sports game?, Why isn’t there a curling game yet?, Wii-quality graphics
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Review: Halo Reach

The Review Crew
  • Summary: Halo: Reach is everything Halo fans could want in a game. While Bungie does play it safe with play mechanics by sticking to what has worked in the past, the game has enough new twists to keep it fresh.
  • Pros: You’ve never seen a game look this good on the Xbox 360, Finely tuned controls, Online multiplayer still kicks butt, Fantastic orchestral score
  • Cons: What will happen to the the Halo franchise now that Bungie has wiped its hands clean?
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Review: I Am Alive

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: You’re in an alley facing three armed men looking for blood. In your hands is a knife, a gun and one bullet. What do you do? Do you slash the first thug, quickly shoot the second and then hope the third gets scared and begs for mercy?
  • Pros: it really feels like a survival game, beautiful lighting effects
  • Cons: can’t make notes on map, slow pace may deter some gamers
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Trials Evolution

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Trials Evolution is a horizontally scrolling motorbike racer, similar to Excitebike or Joe Danger. You'll be challenged with riding a precariously balanced motorbike through dozens of maps filled with hills, cliffs, hazards, and lifts.
  • Cons: Simple controls and lack of customization may bore some players, Could have used better tutorials and trick demonstration, Forgettable music, Official map content should probably have more easy to mid difficulty maps
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Majesco (Kinect) Zumba Fitness Core

  • Summary: Only the experienced needs to hit the dance floor...
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