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Trials Evolution

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Trials Evolution is a horizontally scrolling motorbike racer, similar to Excitebike or Joe Danger. You'll be challenged with riding a precariously balanced motorbike through dozens of maps filled with hills, cliffs, hazards, and lifts.
  • Cons: Simple controls and lack of customization may bore some players, Could have used better tutorials and trick demonstration, Forgettable music, Official map content should probably have more easy to mid difficulty maps
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Majesco (Kinect) Zumba Fitness Core

  • Summary: Only the experienced needs to hit the dance floor...
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Eidos Montreal Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Excerpt: When Eidos Montreal was founded in 2007, not much was expected of them. Shortly afterwards it was announced they’d be in charge of developing new titles for both the Deus Ex and Thief franchises. With no real prior game experience, many fans questioned if they were the right studio for the job.
  • Pros: Amazing story, Great visuals, Enthralling soundtrack
  • Cons: Enemy A.I. could be a little more solid at times, Character models look a bit dated
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THQ Darksiders II

  • Summary: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
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Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: The latest console shooter Brink asks you if you will save the arc or escape it? However we want to find out if you should save your money or embrace it?
  • Pros: solid class-based shooter with an added parkour element, full bot support, so you don't always need that connection, streamlined system with upgrades a plenty
  • Cons: gameplay doesn't hold up compared to other online shooters, some graphical issues in pre-patched game, wish the two sides were more defined, Beyond parkour, Brink feels pretty generic
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