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HB Studios The Golf Club

  • Summary: A sport about more than plaid pants
  • Pros: - Removing the swing HUD sets this game apart from all others, - Excellent controls, - Course creator intuitive and fun, - More courses available than you could ever play
  • Cons: - No career or progression, - Mediocre visuals, - What’s with the dude providing commentary?
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Capcom Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • Summary: Freaky, Creepy and the Shark Tank Is Leaky
  • Pros: -Dual story lines for two main characters, -Great HD Visuals for Spencer Mansion, -Static camera is classic and used to perfection, -No hand holding, -I have thought about those sharks for 18 years, -A must if you have not played before
  • Cons: -New controls not much of an improvement, -New HD character models uninspired, -Little new for those who have played
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Microsoft Game Studios Gears of War Ultimate Edition

  • Summary: Just Somes Bros Shooting Giant Aliens
  • Pros: -Innovation of the originals still fresh, -New visuals a nice improvement, -Game's ambition still shines, -Great boss battles
  • Cons: -Shakey cam is too shakey, -Missed chance to improve character proportions, -Missed chance to improve...everything about Fenix
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Moon Studios Ori and The Blind Forest Definitive Edition

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: I used to consider myself somewhat decent at platforming games. Whether it was Rayman , Sonic , Mario , Donkey Kong , Super Meat Boy or whatever, put a platformer in front of me and I can usually whiz right through it without too much difficulty.
  • Pros: Visually stunning, Amazing narrative, Challenging & rewarding
  • Cons: Punishing at times, A little too much backtracking
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Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: Ezio Auditore is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. His tale of intrigue, loss, retribution and vindication is an outstanding story to experience. An enigmatic character that won players over in 2009 with his charisma and wry personality, Ubisoft has struggled to find a lead...
  • Pros: Revisiting Ezio’s full story, Quick load times, Puzzles still challenging, Good for newcomers
  • Cons: Loose free running controls, Strange environment effects, Lack of extras
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