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HB Studios The Golf Club

  • Summary: A sport about more than plaid pants
  • Pros: - Removing the swing HUD sets this game apart from all others, - Excellent controls, - Course creator intuitive and fun, - More courses available than you could ever play
  • Cons: - No career or progression, - Mediocre visuals, - What’s with the dude providing commentary?
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Capcom Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • Summary: Freaky, Creepy and the Shark Tank Is Leaky
  • Pros: -Dual story lines for two main characters, -Great HD Visuals for Spencer Mansion, -Static camera is classic and used to perfection, -No hand holding, -I have thought about those sharks for 18 years, -A must if you have not played before
  • Cons: -New controls not much of an improvement, -New HD character models uninspired, -Little new for those who have played
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Microsoft Game Studios Gears of War Ultimate Edition

  • Summary: Just Somes Bros Shooting Giant Aliens
  • Pros: -Innovation of the originals still fresh, -New visuals a nice improvement, -Game's ambition still shines, -Great boss battles
  • Cons: -Shakey cam is too shakey, -Missed chance to improve character proportions, -Missed chance to improve...everything about Fenix
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Ubisoft Watch Dogs

  • Summary: Cellular Warfare
  • Pros: + Hacking is a blast, + Exploring Chicago and people watching, + Lots of content, + Online hacking
  • Cons: - Unable to replay missions, - AI driving issues, - Car chases lacked exciting gameplay, - Needs to explore more next-gen gaming possibilities
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Activision Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Summary: Death and Taxes: Call of Duty: Ghosts review
  • Pros: Tried and tested Multiplayer, Great Single-Player narrative and campaign, Riley
  • Cons: Dated Graphics, Been there done that gameplay, Boring Co-Op mode
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