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Video Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: Ready for a challenge? A real challenge? Donkey Kong Country Returns has finally landed on the Wii and Nintendo isn’t pulling any punches. The exceptionally tough game will give even the most talented gamer unforgiving blisters on their thumbs.
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Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The Review Crew
  • Summary: Kirby’s Epic Yarn is yet another a fun whimsical game to add to Nintendo’s list of fantastic first party titles. The graphics are wonderful, the gameplay cute, and the story…well bizarre to say the least.
  • Pros: Wonderful graphics, Creative gameplay, Interactive environments
  • Cons: “Now Saving” screen gets annoying
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Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Review Crew
  • Summary: Nintendo knows how to make a good platformer, especially when it involves their prized mascot Mario. There’s no denying Super Mario Galaxy 2 is top notch, from the graphics down to the gameplay.
  • Pros: Fun gameplay, Beautiful, colourful graphics, Cool new power-ups
  • Cons: Have we played this game before?
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Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The Review Crew
  • Summary: If you loved playing Mario games on the NES or even the SNES you are going to absolutely love this game. It’s classic side-scrolling Mario with a nice four player twist. The graphics are simple but well done, the music top notch and the fun factor is incredibly high.
  • Pros: High fun factor, High replay value, Fun graphics and Music, Awesome multiplayer mode
  • Cons: Action pauses when someone dies, May be too difficult for young gamers, Need 4 controllers – time to shell out more money to Nintendo
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Review: Disney Epic Mickey

The Review Crew
  • Summary: Ultimately, I was disappointed with a well designed game that I had to fight the camera to play. The precision platforming is hampered by control flaws. Otherwise, it has a deep story, varied visuals and is a great way for mature (and maturing) gamers to appreciate Mickey.
  • Pros: Outstanding use of the license, deep story, you can tell the developers breathed Mickey for a long time, Great visuals/audio/tone throughout, Varied environments and characters, worthy of a second playthrough
  • Cons: Control flaws make the game a chore to play, No real extras to speak of, really wanted to see more original cartoons unlockable
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