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Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: In a digital future of industrial espionage, dark chips, and much firepower, EA brings us back into the world of Syndicate.
  • Pros: Sharp production and visual flair, Weapons feel great, Upgrades add another dimension to the gameplay, Story has enough bite, Milestone system will keep you coming back
  • Cons: Not as innovative as the original, Other games beat Syndicate to the cyberpunk punch, Often feels emotionless, Not overly challenging
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X-Men: Destiny (Wii)

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Turmoil has erupted and the mutants find themselves in another battle for survival. In this alternative reality take on the classic X-Men franchise, Silicon Knights test their "Destiny" as future X-men storytellers.
  • Cons: Horrible cell animation in the introduction sequence is strangely reminiscent of watching Space Ghost, Very linear gameplay for a game was largely designed to incorporate decision making as an essential element, Graphics are very blocky with inconsistent frame rates, Poor camera control sees your...
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Rayman Origins

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Rayman, the 16 year old veteran, returns for another charming run under Ubisoft's vigilant eye. Refreshing and gracefully rendered we are more than happy Rayman's limbless body back on the digital screen.
  • Pros: A statement of beauty, this game looks amazing!, Super fun gameplay filled with great levels and collectables, So charming you will want to chase Nymphs yourself, Co-op support (although its not online), Lots of replay value to collect everything, Audio is solid with some charming music, One of t...
  • Cons: X360 friends, co-op is not online, A few surprising difficulty spikes
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