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Review: ViewSonic Viewpad 7

The Review Crew
  • Summary: The Viewpad 7 certainly is a nice looking tablet, even if it does steal its looks from the iPhone 4. But don’t be fooled. This is no Apple product. The processor feels a bit outdated, the cameras are lack-luster (with no flash) and the the lack of internal memory is inexcusable.
  • Pros: Nice Design, Responsive touchscreen, Comes with case, Priced at $400 CDN
  • Cons: Older processor, 512 MB internal memory, Mediocre cameras, Making phone calls is awkward
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Review: HP TouchPad

The Review Crew
  • Summary: I actually enjoyed my time with the HP TouchPad. When it came to surfing the web, and sending email it easily compares if not exceeds other tablets on the market. Its Achilles heal has to be the app selection.
  • Pros: Nice screen, Web browsing, Practical OS
  • Cons: One camera, Lack of apps
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Review: iPad Mini

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: It wasn’t exactly the best kept secret. For weeks the rumour mills churned out tidbit after tidbit with supposed details of a smaller, more compact iPad. Speculation swirled and finally on October 23rd Apple unveiled the mythical iPad Mini, just as the rumours suggested.
  • Pros: pricey compared to 7-inch tablets, no Retina display, no HDR or panorama options for camera, beautiful design, great battery life, fits in one hand
  • Cons: pricey compared to 7-inch tablets, no Retina display, no HDR or panorama options for camera
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Review: Apple’s New iPad

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: If you own any Apple product you know the feeling; that feeling you get as you plunk down your hard-earned cash knowing in about one year’s time a newer, shiner model will hit stores shelves and you will be faced with a dilemma. Should you upgrade to the latest model?
  • Pros: only slightly heavier and 0.6 mm thicker than the iPad 2, beautiful Retina display, better rear camera, LTE enabled, personal hotspot
  • Cons: reduced battery life with LTE enabled, low quality front camera
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Review: BlackBerry PlayBook

The Review Crew
  • Summary: Overall I have to say I really enjoy using the PlayBook. It’s stylish, powerful and a very fast device. I love the fact that I can multitask, take decent pictures and surf the web with Flash. However I think the lack of apps and native email will scare some people away.
  • Pros: Stylish design, Great new OS, High end cameras, Web browsing with Flash
  • Cons: Power button placement, Lack of Apps, No native email
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