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Yakuza 2

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Overall 8

Yakuza 2

22 October 2008
Overall 7
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Storyline 10
Originality 6

Kazuma Kiryu's Precious Little Life

15 November 2010
  • Excerpt: Even if you kill me, our organization will live on . Mafia wars, they never seem to change. Once you get in, it's nearly impossible to get out. The only exit: be killed, or commit suicide. No matter how much he tries to escape, he's always dragged back. This life style requires devotion, even if it means losing one's life for the sake of the family.
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Overall 8

Yakuza 2 PS2 Review

Console Obsession
30 May 2010
  • Excerpt: Scrolling fighting games are all but dead, which I find to be heartbreaking as I grew up playing such games, bloodying thousands of noses in the process. But before this review is soaked by tears of nostalgia, it has to be said that from time-to-time there is still such a game released. Yakuza was a very good one, and its sequel has only now hit shelves (that’s not intended to be a joke, honestly) despite having been released in Japan a couple of years ago.
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Yakuza 2

8 May 2009
  • Conclusion: The thing that made the original Yakuza great was its story, and there’s mixed news to report on that front. Yakuza 2 lacks the focused central mystery of its predecessor, tries too hard to shoehorn in all the characters from the original, and veers into the realm of self-ridicule with some very silly plot twists.
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Yakuza 2 Review

2 March 2009
  • Excerpt: There's something alluring about the notion of a criminal with a conscience and a deep-seated sense of honor, who swears oaths of loyalty to a clan and who would sacrifice his life for what he believes in. Yakuza 2 taps into this allure with good results, providing a brutal, brawl-focused adventure whose action is intertwined with a melodramatic tale populated by morally complicated cops and criminals both noble and despicable, set in a lively rendition of contemporary...
  • Pros: Fast-paced, fun brawling action, Lengthy, entertaining story, Outstanding voice acting, Beautiful, bustling environments
  • Cons: Activities other than fighting are not very interesting, Game frequently provides no sense of how to progress, Poorly implemented quick-time events
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Intriguing but violent Japanese crime drama.

Common Sense Media
25 February 2009
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this game is the sequel to Yakuza , which came out in 2005 for the Playstation 2. The game is extremely violent and glorifies the lifestyle of the Yakuza, an organized crime group in Japan. The game is filled with heavily tattooed men, scantily clad women, and indiscriminate violence. While the story is engaging and very well put together, the subject matter is extremely mature and is not well suited to younger gamers.
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Overall 8

Test Yakuza 2

Generation NT
24 February 2009
  • Pros: Enfin en Europe !, Une ambiance envoûtante, Voix originales japonaises, Le prix
  • Cons: Seulement maintenant en Europe !, Assez peu différent de Yakuza, Une traduction française aux abonnés absents
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Expert Review

28 December 2008

A Spectacular Crime Drama Bringing "Mature" Content to New Heights

6 December 2008
  • Conclusion: I have to go out and aimlessly "enjoy the city" again?!?
  • Pros: Some of the best writing and character work in video games, ever.
  • Cons: The technical side could really use a revamp.
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Overall 9

Yakuza 2

Thunderbolt Games
7 November 2008
  • Excerpt: Playstation 2 eh? Not quite as dead as you thought, while a majority of us have been blasting away at our Halo s and Metal Gear s the past few months, there has been a select few who’ve been patiently waiting arms crossed (bless us) for their next slice of Japanese brutality. It is here, yes after two long years in localisation hell we can only rejoice that Europe and surprisingly America haven’t been completely shafted after all.
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