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Rayman Origins Vita

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Thanks to Ubisoft’s ‘Rayman Origins,’ there now exists the quickest tech demo in portable gaming history to explain the prowess leap between PSP and Vita. Rayman Origins is simply magnificent to both look at and listen to, a solid launch title for the Vita to flex its muscles.
  • Pros: One of the best games of 2011…now portable!, Eye-popping visuals and audio, Outstanding controls
  • Cons: Nothing new over earlier versions, No Vita-specific capabilities
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Lumines: ES

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a PlayStation portable hardware launch. Where there’s launch, there’s Lumines.
  • Pros: Stunning audio-visuals, New blocks and modes, Terrific launch title
  • Cons: World Block lacking, Much of the same, Doesn’t maximize Vita hardware
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D.Hunter Alliance

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: As with Gameloft’s other Vita Launch title ( Asphalt Injection ), Dungeon Hunter Alliance has been around for a while. It started out as an iOS game which was then ported over to PSN for PS3 about a year ago.
  • Pros: If you are a fan of this genre. You should enjoy this game., Lots of playability with plenty of areas to uncover. Expect the single player main quest to take about 8 hours to complete., Multiplayer actually works well making things a little more interesting., If you are hack and slash fan, and ca...
  • Cons: There is nothing new here. It’s the same game that appeared on the PS3 and iOS., When things get hectic on the screen, there is noticeable slowdown and frame drops., Some objects are tiny and hard to distinguish from other surroundings., $39.99 for a game I already paid $12.99 last year for does ...
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Atomic Ninjas

Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Atomic Ninjas is a fairly straightforward title, a dual release (PS3 and VITA), Super Smash Brothers -slash- PlayStation All Stars clone where environmental elements – versus individual character skill sets – determine round success.
  • Pros: Something different, Good for quick hit, VITA gaming, Multiplayer opponents on the ready
  • Cons: Confusing aiming and level design, Uninspired graphics, Better options exist
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Extreme Gamer
  • Excerpt: Get those sticker fingers ready, because Media Molecule is back to remind ‘The You’ just how cute everything is when made of craft supplies.
  • Pros: Simply a blast to play, Outstanding use of camera and touch screens, Engaging storyline
  • Cons: Cutesy overload, Doesn’t truly feel like paper, Audio/visuals are a tad weak
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