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Guerilla Cambridge RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is part of the launch lineup for the much-hyped PlayStation VR . After hammering the opposition 6-1 in the third match of RIGS’ career mode, I was worried the game’s single-player mode would be like Rocket League ‘s overly easy offering.
  • Pros: Superb career mode, Solid mech controls, Crazy VR moments
  • Cons: Not enough maps
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EXAMU Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: If you hadn’t heard, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel has finally made its way to the North American market as PlayStations latest arcade style fighting game. Developed by EXAMU and published by XSEED, the game crosses heroines over from various visual novels and games including those from...
  • Pros: Great cast of characters, Lots of fun support characters, Fresh gameplay mechanics, Well thought out control scheme
  • Cons: Balancing issues, Very few game modes, Small number of playable characters
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EA Sports NHL 15

  • Summary: Maybe next year.
  • Pros: Detailed player models, Live action Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk add a live broadcast feel, Hits look punishing, on ice action looks good., EA knows offence
  • Cons: Loading times are frequent and long, Commentary can get repetative and generic, Weak audio, Same old defensive A.I, Cut content makes the game feel unfinished
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Virtuos, Rocksteady Studios Batman: Return to Arkham

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: Batman: Return to Arkham is the latest remastered collection that you don’t need to buy but you probably will anyway. That isn’t a dig on the quality of both 2009’s Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Arkham City or the remastering effort put in by developer Virtuos.
  • Pros: Two amazing games bundled together, Graphics are better for the most part, All the DLC and skins included
  • Cons: Frame rate doesn’t hold up, Where’s Arkham Origins
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KING Art The Raven Remastered

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: A mustached detective, a train named the Orient Express, and a cast of colorful suspects – if you said the recent Murder on the Orient Express movie or an Agatha Christie whodunit that would be understandable.
  • Pros: Clever narrative structure, Thrilling and engaging story, Highly detailed and beautiful settings
  • Cons: Ugly character models, Slow pacing, Some dialogue trees are too long
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