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EA Sports NHL 15

  • Summary: Maybe next year.
  • Pros: Detailed player models, Live action Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk add a live broadcast feel, Hits look punishing, on ice action looks good., EA knows offence
  • Cons: Loading times are frequent and long, Commentary can get repetative and generic, Weak audio, Same old defensive A.I, Cut content makes the game feel unfinished
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Koei Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

  • Summary: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PS4 Review
  • Pros: Lots of characters available to choose from, characters feel balanced., Tons of content included for low price tag (if you don't have a previous version)., Gameplay feels accessible to newcomers., Advanced mechanics will satisfy fighting game veterans., Story Mode is terrible in a good way!
  • Cons: Graphically doesn't stand apart from PS3/Xbox 360 version., Sound design is hum-drum., Hit detection can be finicky., "Intimate" Costumes and breast physics are shallow and gratuitous.
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Square Enix Thief

  • Summary: Live To Steal Another Day
  • Pros: + Thievery never felt so rewarding, + Stealth gameplay, + Customizable difficulty, + Replayability
  • Cons: - Load times, - Sound issues, - Gameplay limitations, - Needs more light and environment manipulation, - Lack of enemy variety, - The City is a maze
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Limbic Entertainment Tropico 6

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: “Viva la revolución, El Presidente!” These timeless words have been recorded throughout the ages, etched onto every stone on every island in the Caribbean and shouted into the watery mists since time immemorial…or since 2001.
  • Pros: improvements on previous game, great visuals, iconic music, fun, witty storytelling, multi-faceted city builder
  • Cons: retread of previous games, overlooked simple issues
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Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. Fire Pro Wrestling World

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: Pro Wrestling games hold a somewhat unique spot in sports gaming. They are the odd sports games that can feel just as thorough and complete without name brand recognition. While Fire Pro Wrestling World doesn’t come out of the box with recognizable faces (or heels) it does have a roster of some...
  • Pros: Focus on Wrestling, Lots of Customization, Fun style of play
  • Cons: Relies heavily on customization, Technical issues, Some confusing options
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