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Rainbow Six Vegas 2: An Ugly Bump

Don't Get Hurt
  • Conclusion:  The Specifics RSV1 signed off with a 'to be continued' ending - something I thought was vaguely interesting because the plot developed relatively quickly but the final mission left us many unanswered questions. I now know that in gameland to be continued = 'overbudget, must pull the plug.
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FarCry: A Lung full of salty air, and the convincing illusion of Freedom

Don't Get Hurt
  • Conclusion: I have very few complaints to mention about FarCry. Let's think...um...it never rained. A windy, rainy jungle battle could have been nice. On the other hand, the sky did turn red and lava flowed over the earth, and this was very satisfying.
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DOOM 3: To Shit or To Go Blind - That is The Question

Don't Get Hurt
  • Conclusion: But then again I’ll probably wait until I get that graphics card of the future before I play DOOM 3 again. Because when it comes to replay value, the next bang in DOOM 3 really is the next detail setting. In the meantime I’m going to go get a lumber-jacket, a Chainsaw, and a vasectomy...
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A Day To Kill: Civilization IV

Don't Get Hurt
  • Conclusion: So if you've got a day to kill, or feel somewhat lost without some over-arching epic strategy festering in your forebrain, grab some snacks, turn out the lights and get ready to hate yourself for not doing something productive for so long.
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Review: Driver San Francisco

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: In the crowded videogame market it’s important to distinguish yourself against the competition. Some games come out with unique features, some with bonus content, and others rely on a concept that is so bizarre their game stands out from others in the genre.
  • Pros: Unique premise, More than 120 licensed vehicles, Fun missions
  • Cons: Frustrating Vehicle AI, Side missions become tiring
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