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Corsair H60

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: There is no getting around the fact that we walked away extremely impressed with the Corsair H60. Everything from the installation process, to the stock fan to the oh so critical cooling performance has been improved over past Corsair and CoolIT units.
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Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: In every way imaginable the Corsair H80 deserves its “High Performance” moniker. No matter what the heat load this sumo sized – yet still only single bay form factor – all in one water cooling solution simply performed flawlessly.
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Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: In terms of overall performance there is no denying that Corsair’s new H100 is nothing short of spectacular. Its large dual bay radiator, two high end fans and excellent block design allow for temperatures that until recently seemed impossible for an all in one system to achieve.
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thermaltake.com Thermaltake's Volcano 9

  • Excerpt: Are you looking for a silent heatsink and fan solution with out sacrificing performance? Well Thermaltake Volcano 9 might be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Pros: 3 methods of using the fan, Copper insert, Good retention clip, Fan guard included
  • Cons: On lowest setting, temperature is too hot.
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Thermalright TRUE Black 120 CPU Cooler Review

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: We could go on and on about how good a mounting system the TRUE Black Edition has. Heck, we could also go on and on about how pricey it is but in the end only two things really are worth mentioning: you can take it on faith that this has a great with a user-friendly installation process,..
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