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Samsung YP-T9 MP3 Player

  • Excerpt: Samsung has released a large variety MP3 players in the past few years and today we take at their latest creation the YP-T9. With the YP-T9, Samsung has steered away from just a basic MP3 player to more of a multimedia player.
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Samsung YP-P2 8 GB MP3 Player

  • Excerpt: Manufacturers of MP3 players recently, seem to be trying to pack every type of extra feature and capability they can into their units. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it falls short. Today we take a look at an example of how to do it right, with the Samsung YP-P2 8 GB MP3 Player.
  • Pros: Touch Screen, Sound Quality, Large screen, Video, Text browser, FM radio recording, Bluetooth headphone compatiblity, World Clock and Calendar
  • Cons: Finish smudges easily
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Review: Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd gen)

The Review Crew
  • Excerpt: Nowadays, there are endless options when it comes to MP3 players. Sony, Toshiba, Sansa, heck even Microsoft has it’s own player now. Yet with all the choices out there, Apple continues to lead the race. Admittedly, Apple’s high prices tend to drive potential customers away.
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Samsung YP-S5 Multimedia Player Review

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: Throughout the month we have had the Samsung YP-S5 in our possession; it has impressed us again and again with its intuitive design and ability to play nearly any media type. While some of them may have been subjective, across every one of the tests we put it though the S5 showed that it can play...
  • Pros: - Easy to use, - Sleek design, - Hide-away speakers, - Good sound quality, - Bluetooth integration
  • Cons: - Lack of a wall charger, - Uncomfortable headphones, - Storage size not expandable, - Long Start-up time
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Samsung YP-T10 MP3 Player

  • Excerpt: Today we take a look at another feature packed MP3 player from Samsung, the YP-T10. With the YP-T10, Samsung has steered away once again from being just a basic MP3 player to more of a multimedia player.
  • Pros: Great looking, Long Battery Life, Large Screen, Plays a large variety of multimedia, FM tuner and voice recorder
  • Cons: Smudges easily, Proprietary USB cord
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