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www.labtec.com Labtec Optical Mouse

  • Excerpt: Now, i've been using regular old cheapo mice for awhile now. It suddenly hit me that i should get with the times, when the only old part on my computer was a 5 year old mouse. : p
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Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: FUNC’s firs touting into the gaming mouse market clearly shows their dedication to providing enthusiasts with a well-rounded product. The MS-3 may not be unique in its ergonomics, features, specifications or even software, but the sum is greater than its parts.
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Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: The gaming mouse niche is easily one of the most fast paced portions of the peripheral marketplace which essentially means every manufacturer is trying to make their products unique. This sometimes leads to great leaps forward but it can also lead to spectacular failure.
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Aivia Krypton

Hardware Canucks
  • Excerpt: The gaming peripheral market is a crowded place with a large number of companies vying for the attention of Enthusiasts. While Cooler Master, Razer, SteelSeries and many others have been around the block numerous times, certain Gigabyte has a long way to go before they can be considered one of the...
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Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: ), $ 79.99 brings together the best features of an optical mouse and the versatility of a multi-touch trackpad. Ideal for most desktop and notebook users, the M600 is all about improving multi-touch interaction without sacrifing the freedom of movement and responsiveness of an optical mouse.
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