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Review: Pure Acoustics Hipbox

The Review Crew
  • Summary: If you’re used to watching movies or high def video on your laptop, phone or mp3 player this is a great boost to the experience. We all too often take audio for granted with all of the portable devices we carry with us every day. And this compact speaker is priced to sell.
  • Pros: Loud crisp sound that can start the party quickly, Portable enough that it goes with you anywhere, Affordable, great value
  • Cons: Charging is limited to USB, no other battery option, Sound isn’t top shelf
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Aktimate Micro

  • Excerpt: It’s a funny thing, being an audiophile. We are constantly chasing elusive goals incomprehensible to our (non-audiophile) friends: every possible improvement must be explored; every upgrade path considered; every tweak given due consideration.
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Sonos One Smart Speaker

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: Sonos is considered the originator of wireless streaming audio. The company’s innovative MESH network solution enabled high fidelity audio streamed across multiple rooms simultaneously (or independently).
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