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Vengeance 2000

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: With the previous Vengeance headset models, a consumer’s choice ultimately came down to virtual surround sound (the USB-based Vengeance 1500) or premium stereo sound (the Vengeance 1300).
  • Pros: :, - Stylish yet durable design, - Comfortable even after hours of use, - Simple rotation to mute microphone, - Excellent freedom of movement
  • Cons: :, - Overly simplistic software package, - Less than optimal music abilities, - Only basic sound-stage customization abilities, - Price, - No easy way to tell how much battery life is left while wearing the headset besides the 10% low battery beep
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Siberia V2

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: In the past there always seemed to be a tradeoff in the sub-$100 gaming headset maket: either buy a product that faithfully reproduces in-game audio and ditch the need for a built-in microphone or look for an all in one headset but be prepared for lackluster audio and mic reception.
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HTC One X + Android smartphone

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: really impressed us last year. Ushering in a new bold design direction, a class-leading multifunctional camera, sleek lightweight unibody design and a powerful processor as well as a crisp and lavish 4.7-inch screen.
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Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones Review

Hardware Canucks
  • Conclusion: We are all used to what happens when a celebrity sticks their name on a product in the hopes it will sell like hotcakes. In some cases the products end up being ten kinds of suck while in others you pay mega bucks for something that is a solid middle-of-the-pack contender.
  • Pros: - High Quality Sound, - Tough Build Quality, - Good Bundle, - Amazing design
  • Cons: - Some sound leaks at loud volumes, - Short 3.5mm cord for PC use
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JayBird Freedom wireless headphones

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: Wireless and bluetooth enabled headphones are slowly but surely surpassing wired sets as the go to accessories for sports as well as travelling and commuting. I recently tried JayBird's Freedom wireless headphones and they have become my all around grab-and-go solution for listening to music in the...
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