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Nintendo Nintendo Switch

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: The Nintendo Switch is finally here. After what felt like ages speculating as to what Nintendo’s codename NX was, it feels almost surreal to finally hold what is undoubtedly Nintendo’s coolest piece of hardware yet.
  • Pros: True console gaming on the go, Innovative modular design, Joy-Cons feel great, Clean and simple UI
  • Cons: Connectivity issues with left Joy-Con, Lack of features out of the box
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The Coalition 2TB Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Limited Edition Bundle

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: Reviewing the 2TB Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Limited Edition console is not an easy task. I mean what do you compare it to? It’s obviously better than the original Xbox One based on specs alone.
  • Pros: Stunning design, The definitive Gears package, Runs like a dream, Decent value for the buck
  • Cons: Doesn’t include Elite controller, You should be a Gears fan, Good luck getting this in December
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Nintendo New Nintendo 2DS XL

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: In Nintendo’s seemingly never-ending mission to keep the DS line fresh, they have unveiled and released the latest DS variant – the New Nintendo 2DS XL . In terms of dedicated handheld gaming devices, the 3DS line is essentially uncontested.
  • Pros: 2 Damn Sexy, Smaller & Lighter than New Nintendo 3DS XL, Cheaper than New Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Cons: No 3D Functionality, Small stylus, Awkward flap blocking Game Cards, C-Stick still sucks
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Microsoft Xbox One X

Canadian Online Gamers
  • Excerpt: I’ll admit, reviewing the “world’s most powerful console” is a bit of an overwhelming experience. It’s the first time I (or any of us) have played on a true 4K gaming console. What could I possibly compare it to? I could stack it up against the PS4 Pro, but would that be fair?
  • Pros: True 4K gaming, Impressive specs, Quicker load times, Stunning textures and draw distances
  • Cons: A tad expensive, 2TB would have been nice, Elite controller would have been nice
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