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Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

Canadian Reviewer
  • Summary: I am a steadfast advocate of eBooks and electronic reading specially in the field of education. I have found eBook readers to be just as mesmerizing and sometimes even more revolutionary than smartphones and other gadgets.
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Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: has come a long way since its first eReader with the eReader Touch Edition. A diminuitive, fast and well-priced eBook reader that doesn't only meet its competition feature by feature but also offers a number of unique features besides being the one of the smaller yet most capable eReader devices...
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Canadian Reviewer
  • Excerpt: The dedicated eBook reader market is facing formidable competition from full-featured tablets that run a gamut of apps, offer extended functionality, HD screens and are priced just above the eBook readers.
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