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Review: Kobo eReader Touch Edition

The Review Crew
  • Summary: I’ve been lucky enough to use most if not all of the eReaders on the market and I have to say the Kobo eReader Touch Edition stands it’s ground. The small size, light weight and features such as bookmarks and dictionary are all great selling features for this device.
  • Pros: Light compact design, Easy to read screen, Budget friendly
  • Cons: Screen ghosting, No physical page turn buttons
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Kobo Aura

  • Excerpt: The Kobo Aura is a new backlit eReader from its new owner, Rakutan. With a 6-inch E Ink panel, 212-pixel per inch display, 4GB of internal storage and support for microSD cards, the reader is ready to handle your entire eBook library plus more.
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Sony Reader PRS-T2

  • Excerpt: The e-reader market has many excellent choices for those who want a simple and easy-to-use device for reading on the go. One example is the Sony PRS-T2 , which comes in the 6-inch form factor and is available in three different colors.
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Amazon Kindle Touch

  • Excerpt: The Amazon Kindle Touch is a version of the new Amazon Kindle that has been fitted with a 6-inch touchscreen e-ink display. It doesn’t have the various navigational buttons found on the non-touch Kindle, so instead, users have to rely on touchscreen controls to navigate and interact with the device.
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Kobo Mini

  • Excerpt: If a market for cheap, entry-level e-readers didn’t exist, Kobo would have no trouble kickstarting one with its no-frills 5-inch Kobo Mini . It weighs in at just a little over 130 grams and measures 10mm thick, and features a touch-enabled 5-inch e-ink display, 2GB internal storage, Wi-Fi, and up to...
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