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Samsung HD 850 DVD Player

  • Excerpt: Today we take a look at a new product from Samsung, their HD 850 DVD Player. The HD 850 features HD Up-conversion which is an all-digital process that takes a DVD signal and converts it to match your HDTV's native resolution. This conversion eliminates video distortion and provides a great picture.
  • Pros: HD and HDMI capable, MP3 and wma play back, EZ View Letter Box Eliminator, HD Up-conversion, Display jpegs
  • Cons:
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Samsung f1080 DVD Player

  • Excerpt: When it comes to DVD players, most of them look the same. Typical designs ideas end in a black or silver box. Samsung on the other hand has other ideas for DVD player design, and the Samsung f1080 DVD Player is a good example of this.
  • Pros: Design, Upconverting, Many formats
  • Cons: USB port, No display
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Samsung DVD Recorder/VCR VR-325

  • Excerpt: With VCR's and VHS tapes soon to be phased out completely by DVD players, many consumers want to digitize their old VHS tapes to the new format. There are various ways to accomplish this, but none are as easy as using Samsungs VR-325 DVD Recorder/VCR.
  • Pros: Records VHS to DVD and vice versa, Great looking, HDMI up sampling, Easy to use
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Samsung DVD-R120 DVD Recorder

  • Excerpt: The fact that digital consumer electronics are quickly replacing their analog counter parts only proves that it's only a matter of time before VCR's are on their way to extinction. The new players on the market are DVD recorders, cable of burning your TV shows to DVD recordable media.
  • Pros: One touch record, Plenty of inputs and outputs, Great looking, Create title lists and play lists, Remote Included, Record digital video content from a DV Camcorder
  • Cons: Some DVD formats not supported for recording
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